Store your wallet recovery seed on durable, long-lasting steel. Simple and reliable protection for your cryptocurrency.
Material ANSI 304 Stainless Steel
Finish Brushed
Dimensions 3.3" x 3.1" x 0.1" (84 mm x 78 mm x 2.8 mm)
Weight 4.5 oz per plate (127 g)
Heat Resistance > 2000 °F
Seed Support BIP 39 mnemonic (up to 12 words per plate)

With cryptocurrency, you are your own bank. Security is your own personal responsibilityIn the event that your wallet unexpectedly fails (or is destroyed/misplaced), your 12-24 seed phrase is the master key that will be able to recover and restore your funds.

Storing it on a device connected to the internet leaves your digitals assets vulnerable to spyware (e.g. key loggers) that will copy your seed. Paper and electronics don't last forever and are susceptible to the unexpected (such as malfunctions, software failures, a house fire, natural disasters, deterioration, etc.) that will leave your seed unrecoverable.

Blockplate uses a time-tested, offline method to store your recovery seed on a physical object where your seed data is represented by the absence and presence of holes that are permanently punched on durable steel. In the event your wallet encounters the unimaginable, Blockplates are there to recover not only your funds but your peace of mind. Get protected for tomorrow, today.