Blockplate (Ver 2.0): Two Pack

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(Qty 2) Blockplates (Ver 2.0)
Each Blockplate stores 12 words (6 words on each side).
Supports BIP 39 mnemonic*
ANSI 304 Stainless Steel
High Quality Laser Engraving
Polished Brushed Finish
Made in the USA
Weight: 4.5 oz per plate (127 g)
Dimensions: 3.3" x 3.1 x 0.1" (84 mm x 78 mm x 3 mm)
*Only the first 4 letters of each word are necessary with BIP 39.
Automatic Center Punch not included. We offer purchasing one here. But, we recommend picking one up from your local hardware store or at an online marketplace as to not delay your order.
Available for U.S. shipping only.