Blockplate 12 Now Available

Blockplate Letter Locators

Blockplate Letter Locaters are now included for an easier and effortless seed storage experience.

The Blockplate letter locator is a tool shows you which letter corresponds with which box you're marking.

Simply place and position the sticker on the surface of your Blockplate before you begin marking your seed words.

The letter locator is printed on a high quality, clear vinyl material with a short-medium term adhesive for an easily removable and respositionable sticker.

Positional Crosshairs: Position top-right and bottom-left crosshairs with the gridlines.

blockplate letter locator positional crosshairs

The letters should be fall inside each box allowing easier indication of which box corresponds with each letter.

Once correctly positioned, firmly press the sticker onto the surface of the plate. Proceed marking your Blockplate as normal.