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The Best Automatic Center Punches

An automatic center punch is a spring-loaded tool commonly used in machining to create a starter hole that guides a drill bit. Pressure is applied by pressing down on the handle and when released, the spring-loaded tip pierces the contacting surface creating a small hole. We have curated the best center punches (in our opinion) that we've had good experience with.

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Not Your Keys: A Closer Look at Bitcoin Exchanges' User Agreements - Part 1

Exchanges. They are usually the first place you go to buy Bitcoin for the first time. You make an account. Transfer money. Buy some coin. Easy. And for a good portion of people, that's it. Your coins are left on the exchange. Are those your coins? Are they under your control? Well when you made that account, there were some terms and conditions and user agreements you signed. Did you read them? They had very important details you agreed to.

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