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After the Punch: Guide to Securing Your Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Seed Phrase

Your seed is now on metal. Now what? Document the Details Wallet recovery seeds are still finicky things. They are not entirely universal with every wallet. Not only that but the variety of coins a wallet supports can add another layer of complexity. The simplest way is to document which wallet you used to generate your seed (Trezor, Ledger, Coldcard, etc.), the seed format (BIP39, SLIP39, Electrum, AEZEED), what coins you had, and/or the derivation path. See your wallet’s documentation to determine the seed format and derivation path. Store this information somewhere accessible to someone who would inherit your assets if such a situation occurred. (Like a will or an encrypted email to them) Better yet, teach them how to...

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Memorizing Your Bitcoin Wallet Mnemonic Seed Phrase

Memorizing your 24 word seed phrase is a valid method to secure your wallet backup. It's great way to have your seed with you at all times and can come in handy when traveling. It can even be a backup to your physical backup. (or vice versa). But did you know memorizing is actually the easy part. Creating an effective tool to help you memorize is hard.

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FRAUDSTOPPER™ Tamper-Evident Bag

Manufactured with co-extruded 3-layer film, FRAUDSTOPPER™ offers the most sophisticated security closure available on the market. Opening and re-sealing the bag without showing signs of tampering is impossible. The opaque film prevents any visibility of the contents inside. Now INCLUDED with every order.

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