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Annual Wallet Recovery Seed Phrase Check Up

Over 4 million bitcoin have been lost forever. Don't let YOUR bitcoin a part of that. Doing an annual recovery phrase check up can help prevent you from losing your bitcoin and ensure you're able to restore your wallet when you really need it. Pick a date and keep an annual reminder on your calendar.

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What Is A Recovery Phrase?

Your recovery phrase (also known as mnemonic seed, wallet backup) is an ordered set of 12-24 words that is randomly generated by your wallet. It stores the information that can be used to recover your wallet and coins when your wallet fails unexpectedly (such as damage, unable to access, misplaced, theft, etc).

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Blockplate Letter Locators

The Blockplate letter locator is a tool shows you which letter corresponds with which box you're marking. Simply place and position the sticker on the surface of your Blockplate before you begin marking your seed words. The letter locator is printed on a high quality, clear vinyl material with a short-medium term adhesive for an easily removable and respositionable sticker.

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