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Blockplate Letter Locators

Blockplate Letter Locator template guide is now included for an easier and effortless seed storage experience. The Blockplate letter locator is a guide that shows you which letter corresponds with which box you're marking. The letter locator is printed on a high quality, clear vinyl material with a short-medium term adhesive that makes it easily removable and respositionable. Simply place and position the template on the surface of your Blockplate before you begin marking your seed words.

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A Closer Look at Bitcoin Exchanges' User Agreements - Part 1

Exchanges. They are usually the first place you go to buy Bitcoin for the first time. You make an account. Transfer money. Buy some coin. Easy. And for a good portion of people, that's it. Your coins are left on the exchange. Are those your coins? Are they under your control? Well when you made that account, there were some terms and conditions and user agreements you signed. Did you read them? They had very important details you agreed to.

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