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The new secure standard for cryptocurrency seed protection

Because you should always feel safe holding your cryptocurrency.

Protect your coins today.

cryptocurrency secured on strong, durable stainless steel. Safeguarded from the unexpected.

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Know your wallet's safety is independent from constant wallet firmware/software updates and increasingly sophiscated cyber-attacks.


Secure against key loggers and screen capture viruses used to copy your seed and take your coins.

Metal Seed Storage Stress Test

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Metal seed storage
Be protected for tomorrow, today.
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An innovative diy system to immortalize your seed on metal. Ensure lifetime access to your cryptocurrency.

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Security is your responsibility.

If your wallet unexpectedly fails (or is destroyed/lost), your seed is the master key that can recover your coins.

Electronics don't last forever.

Long term, hardware is susceptible to malfunctioning, software failures, and becoming obsolete.

Paper deteriorates over time.

Paper rips easily and burns. Simply being exposed to our everyday environment breaks down its structural integrity.

Nothing is private on the internet.

Storing your seed on a device connected to the internet leaves you vulnerable to spyware that can copy your seed and steal your coins.

a reliable data storage method that has been used for more than a century.

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