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Simple, Durable Cryptocurrency Seed Protection

Because securing your wallet recovery seed shouldn't be complicated.

Be Protected from the Unexpected

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Immortalize Your Seed on Metal.

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No Stamping or Etching. No Tiny Tiles. No Time Wasted.

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Worry-Free Protection

Independent from wallet firmware/software updates and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Offline Security

Protect against key loggers and screen capture viruses used to copy your seed and take your coins.

Ensure lifetime access
to your cryptocurrency.
Protect Your Coins

Metal Bitcoin Seed Storage Stress Test

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Metal seed storage

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"This was the first time I’ve used a center punch style metal storage device and I have to say it was the fastest and simplest."

"When deciding upon a metal data storage solution, it’s best to follow the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! If the device has any moving parts, they are going to be prone to failure under various stresses. Etching & stamping are arduous experiences in comparison to a simple center punch. "

"With these considerations in mind, I’d suggest that Blockplate . . . seem to be the most robust and simple [option]."

Jameson Lopp, professional cypherpunk and industry figure