blockplate 12 seed phrase storage for bitcoin and cryptocurrency

The Most Reliable Seed Phrase Storage

Blockplate makes it easy to store seed phrases on strong, durable steel — the simplest way to protect your bitcoin from the unexpected.

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blockplate seed phrase storage center punch

Fast, Simple.

THE Original center punch storage

Blockplate was the first of its kind to utilize a single punch to store wallet seed phrases on metal — the absolute easiest way to make your seed phrase virtually indestructible.

How It Works
blockplate seed phrase storage thickness

Built to Last.

strong, heavy duty stainless steel

Blockplate stores your seed on a single thick metal plate. You can depend on your Blockplate protect your seed phrase in the long run.

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  • Minimal & Efficient

    No hammers. No handwriting. No hassle. A single punch stores your seed phrase in minutes.

  • Tough & Durable

    Thick stainless steel. Strong against wear and tear. Corrosion resistant.

  • Superior Quality

    Heavy duty, reliable construction. Precision cut and engraved in the USA.

  • Fire & Water Protection

    Protect against against the unexpected — a house fire or flooding.

  • Worry-Free Storage

    Protect against key loggers, screen capture viruses, and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

  • Free US Shipping & Returns

    FREE Shipping and 30-Day Returns within the United States.

blockplate seed phrase storage thickness fire with hammer

"Best Bang for Your Buck"

Jameson Lopp, Professional Cypherpunk & Casa Co-founder/CTO, tests Blockplate not only for ease of use but for extreme heat, corrosion, and crush resistance. Blockplate "performed admirably" and receives an AAA rating.

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