Learn More About Blockplate

Learn More About Blockplate

You've decided to take the next step in self-custody and moved your bitcoin and cryptocurrency to a wallet you own. That wallet is on your computer, phone, or hardware device.

But all electronics eventually stop working. So, your wallet gave you a 12-24 word seed phrase that can recover your coins on another device when that time comes.

You're not going to store it on your phone or computer as they won't last forever and if connected to the internet, are exposed to sophisticated attacks used to steal your seed phrase.

Paper is a good alternative but is prone to wear and tear. It can be easily destroyed by an unexpected event like a fire or flood.

You want your seed phrase on something that will last (at least) throughout your life and stand the test of time.

Blockplate permanently stores and preserve your seed phrase on strong, durable steel ensuring access to your coins for years to come. 

Blockplate has been comprehensively third-party tested against the competition. It has been described as "best bang for your buck" and "the most robust and simple".

It was first of its kind to utilize an automatic center punch to store seed phrases on metal: a method which has been described as "the fastest and simplest". 

Our Design

Simple, Minimal

Not a fan of fiddling with tiny tiles or trying to align letter stamps just right? Neither were we. So we invented a way to "write" on metal with a plate and a punch. The less parts you have, the more reliable it is. Turned out to be easier and faster too.

Optimized Design

Only the first four letters of each word are required for a BIP39 seed phraseThis allowed us to keep the plate compact. Each box in the grid is designed to be the minimum size to comfortably punch. And to make it even easier, we came up with letter locators.

Our Construction

Made from 304 Stainless Steel

"304" refers to a standard grade of stainless steel. It's durable, highly resistant to corrosion, and able to withstand extreme heat. It's the most widely used stainless steel for good reason — commonly used in high wear commercial kitchens, processing equipment, and factories. 

Using Thick 12 Gauge Steel

"Gauge" is a standard of thickness for metal. The lower the number, the thicker the plate. 12 gauge stainless steel is thicker than your average street sign and is extremely difficult to bend. This also allows both sides of the plate to be punched without showing up on the other side. 

Our Manufacturing


Blockplates are engraved. Engraving removes material, giving depth to the marking. Visibility of the impression is resistant to abuse as multiple layers of the surface must be removed in order to get to the end of the engraving depth.

United States Manufacturer

Blockplates are cut and engraved in the US. This not only produces a high quality product but allows us to be in complete control over the production process. We're also able to make design changes and introduce new products in a shorter amount of time. It's not cheap, but we believe it's worth it.

Our Blockplates

Blockplate 12

Stores up to 12 words (6 words on each side).

Blockplate 24

Stores up to 24 words (12 words on each side). 


Stores up to 100 characters(50 on front, 50 on back) and supports 95 printable ASCII characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9,  !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~).

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