Blockplate 12 and 24 Now Available

Getting Started: Blockplate

How It Works

Blockplate is the original and inventor of "center punch style" seed storage. It was the first of its kind to utilize an automatic center punch to store bitcoin seeds on metal. It has been described as "the fastest and simplest" and "the most robust".

Step 1

With a marker or pencil, mark the grid with the first 4 letters of each word in your seed phrase. Why only the first 4 letters?

Place a small dot ( • ) in each box corresponding with the letters on the left-most edge (A-Z). 

The numerical order of your words are indicated by the numbers at the top-most edge (1-6 on the front, 7-12 on the back).

Step 2

Double check each letter and word. 

Yes, this is so important that it is it's own step.

Step 3

Using an automatic center punch, place the tip at each marking.

Press and hold the handle down firmly with increasing pressure until you hear an audible "click". It should feel like your compressing a spring.

This will make a physical and permanent indentation in each box.

We recommend picking up a center punch from your local hardware store or an online marketplace (paid link).

Step 4

Wipe the markings off with a damp cloth. Use rubbing alcohol if necessary.

Step 5

Repeat on the backside with your remaining words. 

Store your Blockplate in a secure, hidden location.