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Blockplate 24

Blockplate 24

24 Word Seed Phrase Storage

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Stores up to 24 words (12 words on each side). 


(Qty 1) Blockplate 24
(Qty 2) Blockplate 24 Letter Locators


3.5" x 6.1" x 0.1" (88 mm x 155 mm x 2.8 mm)


9.8 oz per plate (279g)


12 Gauge, 304 Stainless Steel


BIP39 24 Word Mnemonic Seed Phrase

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  • Thick, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

    US Manufacturer — Precision Laser Cut & Engraved. Polished Finish.

  • Fire and Heat Protection

    Withstand up to 2100 °F — well beyond an average house fire (~1100 °F)

  • Water and Corrosion Resistance

    Protection against moisture, chemicals, and harsh conditions.

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Getting Started: Blockplate 24

Step 1

Peel your letter locator template guide from it's backing and stick it on your Blockplate.

Position the template as so the letters fall inside each box.

Step 2

With a marker, place a dot in each box for the first 4 letters of each word in your seed phrase (for 3 letter words, leave the last space blank/empty). Why only the first 4 letters? 

Double check each letter and word.

Using an Automatic Center Punch

In the next step, you will be using an automatic center punch to make a physical, permanent holes on your Blockplate.

To use, place the tip at the first marking where you want to make a hole. Press and hold the handle down firmly with increasing pressure until you hear an audible "click" (unmute video audio for sound). It should feel like you're compressing a spring until you feel a "pop".

We recommend picking up a center punch from your local hardware store or an online marketplace (paid link). 

Step 3

Using an automatic center punch, punch down at each marking.

This will make a physical and permanent indentation that will show up within each box.

Step 4

Peel the template off to reveal your seed phrase physically (and permanently) marked on steel.

Securely discard your used template. Repeat on the backside with your remaining words.