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Managing Multiple Wallets with Blockplate

We were asked, "How do you manage multiple wallets/recovery seed phases with Blockplates?"

Multiple Wallets w/ Multiple Recovery Seed Phrases

Give each seed recovery phrase a letter (Wallet A, Wallet B, Wallet C, etc).

For each Blockplate, punch directly in the engraved letters on the left edge (A-Z) to represent each wallet.

Create a record with a brief description of each wallet (Wallet A is...Wallet B is...). We recommend storing a digital copy of this in a secure location.

 Wallet Description
A My first one.
B My other one.
C My other, other one.

Multiple Wallets w/ One Seed Phrase

To be honest, we prefer only managing a single recovery seed phrase. With more recovery phrases, the likelihood of losing track of one of those recovery phrases increases.

It's possible to have multiple wallets with a single recovery phrase by using an additional passphrase. (What's a passphrase?)

Each new passphrase would create a brand new wallet. Thus with passphrases, you're able to have one recovery seed phrase with multiple passphrases that creates multiple wallets.

There is not a specific Blockplate for passphrases given that passphrases can be virtually any combination of ASCII characters (including spaces, lower/upper cases, special characters, etc).

So we recommend storing your passphrases using metal stamps (if the passphrase is not too complicated) or digitally.

We believe storing passphrases digitally is a viable option if your recovery seed phrase is stored physically offline; especially since passphrases are an advanced feature that is prone to human error.