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Updated Blockplate

Blockplate 12 and Blockplate 24 are the upgraded versions of the original Blockplate 12 (ver. 1.0).

What is the difference?

Short answer:

  • Deeper, darker, and higher contrast engraving resulting in higher resistance to abusive environmental and physical conditions

  • Higher quality surface finish for a more reflective, aesthetically pleasing appearance

See the difference:

Longer answer:

The new Blockplates are laser engraved (Blockplate 1.0 is laser etched).

What's the difference between etching and engraving?

Etching removes a minimal amount of material (less than 0.001 in or 0.0254 mm, about the thickness of a human hair). You’re able to feel the depth with your finger nail.

Engraving penetrates deeper into the metal. You’re able to feel it with any part of your body and see it at eye level. It withstands abrasion significantly more because many more surface layers have to be removed in order to get to the end of the engraving depth.

Engraving also improves thermal properties. Increases surface area is a result from a deeper cavity. More surface area has higher heat dissipation given that there is more area that can "escape" or transfer to the environment.

The surface finish is also improved. This means polishing the surface to remove any defects or blemishes and creating a consistent surface appearance. This finish is commonly used in kitchen, hospitals, and factories. This creates a more reflective, aesthetically pleasing appearance.